Media Studies GCSE at Shuttleworth encourages students to immerse themselves in media and explore how it shapes the world around them.

Students study a range of media forms from traditional print‐based newspapers, to 1950s advertisements in comparison to 21st century advertisements, to contemporary films and television shows such as Spectre and Luther. Issues such as representation of gender or ethnicity in contemporary and historical media text allows them to understand societal issues and how these are addressed through media. Students also research, design and create their own media product from a set of Eduqas NEA briefs.

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Year 10
Learning Journeys
HT1 Advertising Learning Journey
HT2 Fortnite Learning Journey
HT3 Music Video Learning Journey
HT4 Magazines Learning Journey

Knowledge Organisers
HT 1 Knowledge Organiser Advertising
HT2 Knowldege Organiser Fortnite
HT3 Knowledge Organiser Music Video
HT4 Knowledge Organiser GQ
HT4 Knowledge Organiser Pride

Year 11
Learning Journeys
HT1 Learning Journey Crime Drama
HT2 Learning Journey Newspapers and Magazines
HT3 Learning Journey Music Videos
HT4 Learning Journey Adverts

Knowledge Organisers
HT1 Knowledge Organiser TV & Crime Drama
HT 2 Knowledge Organiser Newspapers and Magazines
HT3 Knowledge Organiser Music Videos
HT4 Knowledge Organiser Adverts


Mrs R. Turner