Sport has embraced sport science wholeheartedly in recent decades.  A focus on key areas such as anatomy and physiology, injury, sporting performance, training principles and nutrition will build upon practical skills and help foster an interest in the sector and promote achievement amongst our students.  They will be encouraged to persevere when applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations within a sporting environment and develop a range of skills within this journey.

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Year 10 Curriculum Map – Sport Science
Year 11 Curriculum Map – Sport Science

Learning Journeys
R041 – LO1 Learning Journey
R041 – L02 Learning Journey
R041 – L03Learning Journey
R042 – Fitness Testing Learning Journey
R042 – Principles of training Learning Journey
R042 – Training Methods Learning Journey
R042 – Training Programme Learning Journey
RO45 – LO1 Learning Journey
RO45 – LO2 Learning Journey
RO45 – LO3 Learning Journey
RO45 – LO4 Learning Journey

Knowledge Organisers
Knowledge Organiser R041
Knowledge Organiser R042
Knowledge Organiser R045

Mr. D Campbell

“PE should be at the core of any curriculum because it’s about critical thinking and collaboration, it’s about personal, mental, physical and social well-being and it’s about our pursuit of excellence both personally and professionally.”

Andy Vasily

“I enjoy PE because of the wide range of sports we can do. There’s also many extra-curricular clubs. I chose GCSE PE because I wanted to learn more about the body and how exercise can help.”

Year 11 Student