Meet our Head Girl and Head Boy!

A welcome from Emily-Jae Smith…

Hello, my name is Emily and I am honoured to be Shuttleworth College’s current head girl. 

My favourite subjects at school are drama as it has taught me lessons such as confidence to go up for the role of head girl and allowing me to speak in front of a large crowd of people; along with the subject of English because it brings creativity and more thoughtful Insights to literature texts.

My main ambition would be to follow up my college T-level in health and go to university to study a nursing degree. I’d take this degree and move up to a RAF nurse so I can travel the world while also working in the job I want.

I feel the school community is a very inclusive, welcoming community and can allow people to feel confident in being at school. They encourage us to follow the 5 core values of perseverance, resilience, pride, community and achievement which allow us to feel encouraged to learn and excel in school. I am delighted to work with our head boy, the senior prefects and the rest of the prefects to embody the values and set a high example to the younger years.

A welcome from Jubril Lawal…

Good day everybody, my name is Jubril I am delighted to be a head boy at Shuttleworth College.

My interests include sports, which have led me to join a football club outside of school. I also enjoy Spanish and music because I have a burning passion to know more about other languages and cultures.

My favourite subject would be music as it is a way for me to express my emotions. My driving ambition is to experience life to its fullest and have no regrets, but overall make mistakes as it’s a way to learn and improve. Outside of the classroom, our school’s entrancing atmosphere brings out everyone’s hidden personality, letting you experience the delightful culture and supportive nature of Shuttleworth College.

I like to take part in any sort of events for the school or helping the community as I would like to be involved in making our community a happier and more successful one.I am thrilled to be working with our head girl Emily and all the deputies (both the boys and girls), as well as the rest of the prefect group. I hope that we can leave a lasting legacy behind to show our love and dedication for the school. All I shall say is, never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit because whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

A welcome from Madeline Scrunton…

Hello my name is Madeline and I’m proud to say I am one of the deputy head girls at Shuttleworth College.

I enjoy learning more about the world we live in and so for my GCSEs I picked business as it is the biggest industry in our modern world and something everyone needs in life. When I leave school, I want to have a career within the law industry, and I believe business is closely tied to that.

I love English as it brings a sense of creativity and unlocks a part of my imagination where I can express my thoughts and fuel my ideas into a positive result for my future. Being one of the deputy heads allows me to feel a sense of responsibility, as a part of my role I speak to younger years in assemblies, spend time with Year 8s in form, come up with new ideas such as the Charity Sports Day Tuck Shop where me and a number of prefects with the help of school raised £280 for the British Heart Foundation. All these things are a great achievement and help me to build skills such as leadership and teamwork which I will use later on in life.

I enjoy working with the close tied network of prefects and ambassadors and being an inspiration to younger years we have here, and cannot wait for the things to come whilst being a part of the senior prefects at Shuttleworth.

A welcome from Charlie Harding-Bannon…

Hello, I’m Charlie Harding-Bannon and I am one of the deputy head boys at Shuttleworth College.

As deputy head boy I help out at open events and assist with the younger years and anything else that is asked of me. I particularly like to go into year 7 forms to help with form time activities and building their confidence to contribute to community projects.

Personally, I enjoy playing videogames with my friends and eating out with my family. I also enjoyed studying computer science at school and looking forward to going to college next year to study IT. I really like working with all the prefects and ambassadors in school and hope to leave a lasting impact at Shuttleworth College.

“The headteacher has a clear vision. She is uncompromising in her ambition and she has transformed the school’s ethos.”

Ofsted 2018