Meet our Head Girl and Head Boy!

A welcome from Leela Burfield…

Hello, my name is Leela and I am honoured to be Shuttleworth College’s current head girl.

My favourite subjects in school are art, as your creativity is not limited and history because my teacher explains it all in a way that everyone can understand. I have gained a strong passion for dance over the past seven years and take pleasure in the dance competitions that Shuttleworth college provided.

My main ambition would be to work for the NHS, giving both mental and physical therapy, but overall to make myself and others feel happy and successful.

In school, the whole community is made to feel comfortable and welcomed by the caring teachers of Shuttleworth. They also encourage us to feel challenged and resilient. In terms of student enrichment, there are different clubs you can join such as football, dance and gymnastics which can help improve with mental and physical health. there is also a variety of clubs that are available to join inside of school like, music, homework and reading clubs. These help people feel more involved with the school and its community.

I am delighted to be working with our head boy Zach, all the deputy heads and the rest of our team as I think we will all be amazing role models and set great examples for the younger community.

A welcome from Zacharia Ahmed…

Hello, my name is Zacharia, and I am proud to be head boy here at Shuttleworth College.

My interests include playing the guitar, reading, computer game creation, and solving puzzles and riddles. My favourite subjects in school are maths and computer science because they are quite challenging, and they help me think logically.

What I enjoy about school is how friendly and approachable the teachers are; they have made me comfortable and more confident in myself. They are also very helpful, giving us lots of resources and reassurance, especially during lockdown.

My ambition for the future is to hopefully complete my A levels and then study maths and computing at university which I plan to turn into a career as a game developer. The dream would be to work at a big company like Epic Games or Sony and then start my own business.

I plan to leave a legacy here at Shuttleworth by supporting more online platforms such as online social groups to allow more students to interact with the school and its students in an easier, safe, and modern environment.

Together with the head girl, Leela, and the rest of the prefects we hope to make a lasting impact through our actions and deeds, to this wonderful second home we call school!

A welcome from Goda Leckyte…

Hello, my name is Goda and I am the deputy head girl here at Shuttleworth College.

​​​I am passionate about problem solving including investigations.  I also enjoy creativity and crafting, as a result I do an art GCSE which is my favourite subject in school.  This has led me to creating my own ideas and developing things into something better. My main ambition would be to always aim higher so that I can become a Crime Scene Investigator but overall to be successful and confident with myself inspiring other to do the same.

​​Here at Shuttleworth College I am always surrounded by trustworthy and supportive teachers that I look up to, therefore I have become an excellent role model due to their influence, this is what I want the Year 7s to achieve.

I look forward to working with our head girl Leela, head boy Zac, the deputies and the others to hopefully make our school stand out the best and most successful in the area.

A welcome from Trey Zengeni…

Good day everybody, my name is Trey I am delighted to be a deputy head boy at Shuttleworth College.

My interests include sports which have led me to join a running club outside of school. I also enjoy drama and psychology because I have a burning passion to be an actor and a curiosity about the mind. My favourite subject would be drama as it lines up with my goals.

My driving ambition is to experience life to its fullest and have no regrets, but overall make mistakes so I can learn from them. Outside of the classroom, our school’s joyous atmosphere brings out everyone’s hidden personality, letting you experience the friendly and supportive nature of Shuttleworth College.

I like to take part in acting for the school or helping the community as I would like to be involved in making our community a happier and more successful one.

I am overjoyed to be working with our head girl Leela and head boy Zach, as well as the rest of the prefect group. I hope that we can leave a dazzling legacy behind to show our love for the school. All I shall say is, accomplish today what others won’t and succeed tomorrow where others can’t because you make opportunities by performing, not complaining.

“The headteacher has a clear vision. She is uncompromising in her ambition and she has transformed the school’s ethos.”

Ofsted 2018