Shuttleworth students are supported pastorally by an extensive team of practitioners who aim to respond to the early signs of need. We offer guidance, support and intervention to promote good attendance, behaviour, wellbeing and achievement.

All students have a dedicated ‘Head of Year’ whose core purpose is to ensure all aspects of school life are positive and impactful. Some students may need more intensive support from staff who specialize in specific areas, for example academic mentoring and nurture provision. Mr. Turner, our Year 11 Head of Year, works with all new Year 7 students, then passes their care over to one of our other Heads of Year, who will carry on caring for that year group until they graduate.

Emma Jackson Head of Year 7

Hello, I’m Miss Jackson, I am the newest member of the team and already I feel part of the Shuttleworth family. Over the last year I have developed excellent relationships with students and families and pride myself on going the extra mile to ensure all of the students in my year group thrive and are happy during their time in school. Helping students to overcome challenges to be the best they can be is the most rewarding part of my role and something I take great pride in.

I’m excited to progress with my year group through their time at Shuttleworth and support them through to Year 11; helping them to become the best versions of themselves and ready to leave us equipped with the skills, qualifications and self-confidence they need to achieve amazing things.  

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Joanne Grice Head of Year 8

Hello, my name is Joanne Grice. Having been a Head of Year at Shuttleworth for 14 years, I have worked with many students, helping them to grow and progress and removing barriers to learning. I have paved the way for many to become successful young people and good role models within Padiham, Burnley, and our local community.

My role within school is a challenging one where two days are rarely the same. I learn new things every day as our students introduce ever-evolving issues. One issue is for certain, Shuttleworth is the best it has ever been; we have a multi-cultural, diverse population of students and a positive school climate where individuals feel valued, listened to, cared for, and respected. This atmosphere contributes to effective learning and genuine development both inside and outside of school.

Shuttleworth students have everything at their disposal to ensure they leave in Year 11 armed with great examination results, life skills, qualifications, knowledge, and a wide range of choices for their future lives. Many former students come back into school to fill me in with news and updates and it feels great to be part of so many students’ educational journeys and good memories of their school days.

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Melissa Southern, Head of Year 9

Hello, my name is Melissa Southern and I am the Head of Year 9. Since joining the Team at Shuttleworth College five years ago, I have seen many changes, which have had a significant impact on the learning experience of the students in our care.

My job as Head of Year is both diverse and challenging, but this makes it all the more rewarding. Seeing young people overcoming challenges and achieving their potential through their own resilience and perseverance is the best part of my job.

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Tom Baiamonte Head of Year 10

Hello, my name is Tom Baiamonte and I am Head of Year 10. I have worked at Shuttleworth College for 11 Years and am proud to be part of how the school has developed and progressed in that time. I am committed to working with students to help them achieve their goals and to give them the tools to have bright, positive futures.

I get great satisfaction seeing Shuttleworth students mature into outstanding young adults. Providing emotional, moral and social guidance is huge part of my role, supporting students on the journey to GCSEs and beyond.

The wellbeing and safeguarding of all young people in my care is of paramount importance, ensuring that they have a safe environment where they are able to learn and reach their potential.

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Chris Turner Head of Year 11

Hello, my name is Chris Turner and I am the Head of Year 11. However, some of you may be aware that my role differs somewhat to other heads of year, as I begin to work with our incoming students before they even start in Year 7, ensuring that they transition successfully to secondary school.

I specialize in working with our feeder primary schools and liaising with their Year 6 teachers in order to provide bespoke support/intervention for our young people prior to starting secondary school. Once here, I support every child as they settle in to their new school and help them to overcome any challenges they may face.

Coming from a professional sporting background, I pride myself on the quality of the service that I provide. I make it my priority to always go above and beyond in terms of pastoral care and work extremely hard alongside families in order to make every child’s secondary school experience a positive one.

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