At Shuttleworth College we recognise the importance of ensuring all students make expected levels of progress.

Whilst previous ‘catch up’ funding is no longer allocated, we continue to dedicate significant time and resource to minimise the gap between students with lower prior attainment and their peers. We are committed to removing the barriers that literacy and/or numeracy creates for these students which could otherwise prevent them from properly accessing the wider curriculum around school.

All students’ literacy and English skills are supported through a wide range of in-class and intervention activities. We have reading for pleasure texts to develop students’ love for reading and reading stamina, as well as a focus on wider reading around the content in lessons. Students’ reading ages are tested annually and students access a range of interventions/support depending on their need, including using Lexia, reading leaders, staff led reading groups and writing stamina groups.

All students’ mathematics skills are supported through a wide range of in-class intervention activities and appropriate differentiation. Across the whole curriculum, aspects of numeracy are needed in a variety of subjects such as Science, Geography and Technology.  The mathematics faculty work hard to ensure that these aspects of numeracy are taught consistently across all areas of the school to ensure the needs of learners are met through consistent approaches.