At Shuttleworth College we recognise the importance of reducing the impact of Covid 19 on students learning and, in turn, supporting students to enable them to fulfil their potential.

Covid 19 catch up funding has been provided to support young people to help to ensure their learning and future outcomes are not negatively affected by the disruption of the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are utilising this funding to ensure our remote learning procedures are robust and accessible to all students; particularly those that are disadvantaged and/or vulnerable.

We are employing strategies such as additional curriculum time for Year 11 in preparation for exams and targeted Year 11 intervention where knowledge and skills gaps have been identified.

There is a whole school focus on ‘reading recovery’ ensuring all student’s that require it have targeted intervention in this area. This allows these students to access and engage with the wider curriculum where otherwise reading ability may have restricted/ caused a barrier to this.

Our full Covid 19 catch up plan is available to view here.