Research shows that many successful business people held positions of responsibility whilst they were at school. Some had been prefects; some had been captains of sports teams and some had been both. Being a school leader gives early experience of having responsibility, however, there are two other factors that greatly affect later success in life.

Firstly, nearly all successful people would tell you that their achievements were based on a great deal of hard work. Secondly, they would tell you that they had experienced lots of failures but somehow learned from them and moved on. In other words, they were hard working and resilient. Being involved in school leadership at Shuttleworth will help prepare you for future challenges that could result in your career and personal life being more successful.

At Shuttleworth we want you to be a student leader so that you can have a say in the way our school develops and progresses. We also want to motivate you to follow your ambitions and introduce your ideas into the school to make our school more successful. Find out more about the opportunities via the links below:

“I like that my views are listened to in school and that I have the chance to have my say.”

Year 8 pupil