College Council

This is your student voice

For individuals it’s a chance to:

  • Have your say
  • Use your voice in a constructive way to improve the learning that takes place at our college.
  • Use the dedicated registration slots to raise issues that matter to you.
  • Volunteer to become a Form Representative

Form Representatives

  • Each form has two Representatives
  • All Form Representatives will meet once (or maybe twice) each half term to bring common learning issues to the attention of the College Council


Year Group Representatives

  • There are two Representatives per year group
  • Representatives are elected from the form group
  • Representatives will work closely with the Senior Prefects to help improve our learning

Recent developments

Our School Council (2015)  have come up with a value and mission statement for the school

The current School Council consist of:  11H Megan Riley;  9H Sophie Edwards; 7S Brogan Barrett; 11U  Connor Barton; 9U  Aiden Hoyle;  7L  Jenna Jones; 10T      Ellie Parker; 8L   Nicole Nield; 10S   Josh Maddox; 8H Nathan Hefford


Shuttleworth College aims to ensure that all students experience an enjoyable and well-rounded education that will prepare them for further study and future success. We believe that achievement is realised when students feel part of a supportive learning community and are taught to have resilience, perseverance and pride in themselves and their school. It is our mission that through living our values, every student will excel.










Achievement: We have high expectations of ourselves to reach our full potential.

 Resilience: We overcome challenges together.

 Perseverance: We give our best every day and never stop aiming high.

 Community: We achieve our future purpose when we unite.

 Pride: We are well-disciplined and respectful to our school community.