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Headteacher’s Address

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Student Speeches


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“Increasing numbers of parents are choosing the school for their children. Leaders ensure that pupils in Year 6 benefit from an extremely effective programme to support their transition from primary school. Pupils in other year groups can develop their leadership skills through their involvement in this well-planned programme of activities.”

Ofsted 2018

“My name is Charlie and I am a Year 8 student here at Shuttleworth College. I live in Bacup and I came here from Thorn Primary School. The first time I saw Shuttleworth College was during enrichment where we did fun one-hour sessions of activities or sports on a Wednesday after school.

I first met Mr. Turner at the start of Year 6 and I sensed a connection to the school straight away. As I come from a little further away, I’m actually the only person to come here from my primary school, Mr Turner liaised with my parents in order to give me the best possible start to life at secondary school. I immediately felt a part of the Shuttleworth family!”

Charlie Harding-BannonYear 8

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