Miss Roach, Head of English and Assistant Head Teacher, declared that this year’s Summer Literacy Passports were ‘the best’ she’d ever received.

Over the summer holidays our new Year 7s were assigned the task of completing a Summer Literacy Passport. The project included a range of reading and writing activities and was to be completed individually so that the students’ work was personal and unique to their summer experiences. When marking the work, Miss Roach found that there were four pupils who had surpassed all expectations and demonstrated phenomenal dedication.

Charlie Harding-Bannon created an incredible cookery book titled ‘Summer Dishes by Charlie’, whilst Joseph Nolan designed a thrilling comic book called ‘Vortex’. Emily-Jae Smith sharpened her literacy skills by writing a detailed summer journal and a collection of short poems. Filip Dziadosz made a tremendous travel brochure which he entitled ‘Meeting with History’.

The four students produced work of such high quality that they were rewarded with special certificates in assembly (seen here with Headteacher Mrs. England) and a trip to buy new books. Miss Roach was delighted that there were more completed passports than ever before.

All students who completed and handed in their passports on time will be receive reward points for their efforts.