Praise, Rewards and Awards

Shuttleworth College’s Praise and Rewards are one of the ways that staff and students can demonstrate that they care about their school community.

It is about encouraging a sense of belonging, community and ownership.

The college is continually developing and extending a range of events and activities which will encourage that sense of belonging. Rewards will be given in as many areas of school life as possible and form a continuous process throughout the college year. Rewards are applied by teachers but are triggered by students.



Vivo Edge is an online rewards platform used by Shuttleworth College. It allows teachers to reward students with electronic points called “Vivos”, redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from our own customised online catalogue.

All students are issued with a unique Vivo rewards card along with vivo miles login details for the website https://www.vivoedge.com .


Teachers reward students in the college. Each act of goodwill/ excellent piece of work is converted to Vivos and transferred onto the Vivo edge system. Students can redeem their earned Vivos for goods from our customised online vivo catalogue, earn interest by saving them or donate them to charity. Smaller products are shipped to school for us to distribute. For the larger products, the college receive a product specific voucher to hand to the student to redeem at specific shops. Students can receive their vivo balances via text messages on their mobile phones.


Ways to earn Vivos:

Teachers will reward outstanding performances  in lessons for engagement with learning and achievement across the curriculum

  • 100% Attendance per week
  • 100% Punctuality per week
  • Excellent Corridor / Playground Behaviour
  • Excellent Effort
  • Extra-Curricular Involvement
  • Organising, Leading or Representing at an Event
  • Consistently Outstanding Uniform
  • Sporting Achievement
  • Winning Competitions

Praise on a Postcard

Our College have departmental postcards which a member of staff sends home with a student or sends in the post to parents or carers to inform them of something positive achieved in or out of the classroom. This can happen in addition to electronic records of Vivos. In addition there are numerous reward trips – at the end of each term.

School Awards

Shuttleworth College holds an Annual Awards Evening each summer term, where students from all years are recognised for their successes and contributions to the school and wider community. This is well attended by parents and students. We also run the following accredited courses:

In addition, we support two other National Awarding Bodies by nominating students regularly. These are:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Community Sports Leadership Award