‘The future depends on what you do today.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

One of the key measures of success for any school is based on the destinations data of our students as they leave Shuttleworth College and transition into their post 16 options. It is essential that our young people are informed and guided in their choices so that any decisions made ensure that they sustain their provision. In the past there was a legacy of poor, and deteriorating outcomes in % destinations data compared to national %. (RAISEonline validated).

Cohort 2011/12 Cohort 2012/13 Cohort 2013/14
Overall % going to a sustained education or employment/training destination National 90 92 94
Shuttleworth 87 81 82
Gap -3 -3 -12
Key areas to target

Gaps in % sustained destinations. Shuttleworth vs national

Females -5 -9 -12
Disadvantaged -2 -9 -19
School VI form

VI form college







NEET (not in education, employment or training) +2 +3 +11

However, Shuttleworth College now implements a comprehensive programme of CIAG with the internal data below showing significant improvements.

Cohort 2014/15

Data available on 177/182 students

Cohort 2015/16

Data available on 130/134 students

Cohort 2016/17

Data available on 177/182 students

Overall % going to a sustained education or employment/training destination 90% 90% 99%
VI form 21% 23% 25%

Overview of the Shuttleworth programme

Our programmes of careers, information and guidance will help young people make decisions and manage transitions as learners and workers. As we develop career awareness and broaden horizons , we are supporting the vision and mission of the school that all learners ‘Think Big, Chase Dreams, Succeed Together’. It is essential that the school contributes in preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life. All 11-16 year olds who attend Shuttleworth College will be exposed to the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices and achieve economic wellbeing in later life.

Through the 5 year programme we aim:

  • to develop employability skills;
  • to provide young people with the opportunity to ‘learn by doing’ and to learn from experts sometimes in workplace locations;
  • to raise standards of achievement;
  • to increase the commitment to learning, motivation and self-confidence of students;
  • to improve the retention of young people in learning after the age of compulsory schooling;
  • to support active citizenship;
  • to develop the ability to apply knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • to improve understanding of the economy, enterprise, personal finance and the structure of business organisations and how they work; and
  • to encourage positive attitudes to lifelong learning.

The table below shows the activities that will have the most positive influence on young people during their time at Shuttleworth.

Encounters With Employers and Employees

Experiences Of Workplaces

Learning From Career and Labour Market Information

Linking Curriculum Learning To Careers

One of our showcase events takes place during Year 10. This is a key time as applications and post 16 decisions begin in term 1 of Year 11. The information below outlines the aims and content of the week which is done in collaboration with Burnley College.

Additionally we have arranged numerous encounters with employers including work shadowing, site visits and careers talks. The list below indicates the companies involved so far and is growing.

Within the Burnley community:

AMS Neve




Futaba Tenneco

Kaman Tooling


Burnley College

Pendle leisure



Within the northwest:

UK Fast

Williams BMW


We have also value, encourage and promote higher education options including higher level apprenticeships. Since 2015 we have taken over 350 students on university visits including the University of Liverpool as a representative of a Russell group university.

Useful links






We have links on our website that provide guidance on how to effectively access these websites so that families can support young people with their future choices.


Key contact name, role & email

Mrs E Dempsey

Assistant Headteacher


01282 682300