‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ – Dr Seuss


Shuttleworth College is passionate about developing literacy skills across the curriculum and aims to support you in your efforts to improve. Strong literacy skills are the foundation upon which success is built; through a focus on reading, writing and oracy, we enable you to strengthen your literacy skills ready to be successful at GCSE, further study and the world of work.


To help your reading skills develop throughout your time at Shuttleworth College, you will have designated reading time with your form tutor each week and complete literacy activities during form time on a rotation with other tasks. Teachers across the curriculum will ensure that reading materials are suitably engaging and challenging, providing support as appropriate. You should also read in your own time; why not visit the library and borrow a book? Just ask Ms Jones for her recommendations!


Regular opportunities to write are vital throughout your school careers as we equip you with the necessary skills for terminal GCSE examinations. From Year 7 you will continue to develop and embed existing skills taught at primary school to ensure you improve writing stamina and can write confidently for a range of audiences and purposes across the curriculum. Your teachers will mark your work with a focus on literacy as well as the subject they teach and you will be expected to check and correct your work carefully. Writing is for pleasure too; go and check out the competition board in the library. Unleash your creativity!


Oracy means the ability to express oneself fluently and grammatically accurately in speech: good oracy skills are important at Shuttleworth and beyond. Through activities in form time and lessons you will have opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills in a range of contexts; this in turn helps to shape more successful pieces of writing as well as making sure you can communicate effectively with other students and your teachers. One way to enhance your skills is by joining Shuttleworth’s debating club and entering a competition.

Reading List

In order to further support your child’s progress, we’re encouraging wider reading outside of school through a cross-curricular reading list. Click here for our Key Stage 4 reading list.

Key contact name, role & email

Ms R Roach

Lead Practitioner – English


01282 682300