Code of Conduct

At Shuttleworth we respect everyone’s right to work, learn and achieve in a happy and supportive College. To this end, we should all follow these important principles:

  • Respect our College and everyone who is part of our College community; wear your uniform with pride
  • Everyone has the right to be heard even if we don’t always agree with their beliefs, views or opinions
  • Swearing, bad language and insults can offend and hurt people; be polite and considerate and think carefully before you speak to others
  • Preparation and planning are essential if you are to succeed
  • Encourage others to follow our code of conduct; be a positive role model and someone who other students respect and look up to
  • Come to College every day and be on time.  Good attendance is crucial if you are to achieve and succeed
  • Treat other people as you yourself would like to be treated

Shuttleworth College Behaviour Policy 2017-18