Y7 Catch Up Premium

Shuttleworth College Catch up Funding

At Shuttleworth College we recognise the importance of ensuring all students make expected levels of progress. This is achieved through a number of different strategies and is funded through a number of different channels; one of which is ‘Catch up premium funding’. There is often a link between catch up and pupil premium funding as a high proportion of students fall into both categories.


What is Catch up Funding?

Catch up funding is a one off payment from the DFE which provides additional funding to support pupils who did not achieve at least level 4 in reading and/or Maths at the end of key stage 2. The college receives additional funding for each year 7 student to whom this applies; this funding is only received in year 7.


Shuttleworth College’s Catch-up Provision 2016/17

Throughout the year a number of different intervention strategies are employed which identify target groups and individuals to enable students to ‘catch up’ with their peers and then continue to thrive throughout their time at Shuttleworth and beyond.

Intervention Strategy 2016/17

Precision Teaching – Numeracy

  • To provide a fast track intervention
  • Highlight key numeracy skills that are missing
  • Narrow the gap of vulnerable groups
  • Increase reading age at least in line with chronological age and better

Corrective Reading

  • Additional three hours with focus on developing reading skills
  • Narrow the gap of vulnerable groups
  • Increase reading age at least in line with chronological age and better

Small groups with TA support

  • Teachers are more able to support the learners
  • Support weaker learners with TA able to develop independence and Numeracy/Literacy skills
  • More personalised learning
  • Raises self-esteem for learners who find learning in a large group challenging

1:1 Support

  • TAs work on individual targets during lessons
  • Narrow gap for vulnerable learners
  • Address barriers to learning
  • Increase engagement in lesson

Accelerated Reading

  • To provide an effective intervention for weak readers
  • To encourage independent reading skills
  • To increase reading age by 3 months of additional progress after 22 weeks