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One of the key measures of success for any school is based on the destinations data of our students as they leave Shuttleworth College and transition into their post 16 options. It is essential that our young people are informed and guided in their choices so that any decisions made ensure that they sustain their provision. Shuttleworth College now implements a comprehensive programme of CIAG with the internal data below showing significant improvements.

Cohort 2014/15

Data available on 177/182 students

Cohort 2015/16

Data available on 130/134 students

Cohort 2016/17

Data available on 136/144 students

Overall % going to a sustained education or employment/ training destination 90% 90% 94%
VI form 21% 23% 27%

You and the wider family have an essential part to play in helping with this transition. Use the general guidance (Tab 1) in the first instance and then the links below if additional guidance is needed.


Find out more about apprenticeships via this gov.uk website  https://www.gov.uk/topic/further-education-skills/apprenticeships  or http://amazingapprenticeships.com/

Up to date University Information

Don’t want to go to University? Have a look at Alternative Routes

Barclays has set up Life Skills, https://www.barclayslifeskills.com/parents/    aimed at helping young people with the skills they need to go forward into work.