Shuttleworth College says ‘NO to Bullying’

As a college we will not tolerate bullying.

If you are someone you know is being bullied you can report it by:

  • Telling your Form Tutor
  • Telling your Pastoral Leader
  • Telling any other member of staff you trust
  • Put your name on a piece of paper and post it in the ‘Bully Box’ in the library – this is checked daily

Remember  – always say no to bullying!

Shuttleworth College Anti-Bullying Policy 2017-18

Beatbullying Mentors  

A team from Beatbullying .co.uk came to Shuttleworth and trained 50 of our students. These 50 are now Beatbullying mentors and can be seen around the college wearing their ‘Beatbullying’ badges. The mentors have come up with the idea of having their own BBC – that is to say a Beat Bullying Club. The club meets every Tuesday during lunch as well as each Thursday at the end of the college day. BBC is based in room 317 and all students are welcome.

If you are worried about bullying then remember:

Bullying slips are available in the achievement zone alongside the bully box You can call or text the following number:  07896613153 You can send an email to studenthelp@shuttleworth.co.uk You can talk to your form tutor You can talk to you Pastoral Manager You can talk to any other member of staff you trust You can talk to one of the new Beatbullying Mentors You can attend BBC at the times outlined above. Remember – always say no to bullying!