A Message From The Head


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have just been made aware of an adult trying to coax a young person into a car near Bear Street after school on Tuesday. Please see the full message below. Please remind your children about things such as not walking home from school alone and not speaking to strangers. We will reinforce these messages in form time tomorrow.

If you have any further information about this incident, please pass it on to us.

Kind regards,

Ruth England


“Tuesday 30th October, my son was walking home from school with his sister and her friend when he was approached by a man in a yellow Fiat. He offered my son a lift which my son declined. He then offered him sweets to get in the car, my son declined. He then got out of his car and tried to grab my son. My son stood up for himself and ran with his sister and her friend.

They first saw the car parked on the dirt path that leads down to the lodge at the top of Bear St. The man then followed them, pulling up in front of my son while the girls were across the road stroking a lady’s dog. This is where the incident happened. After that my son then went across the road to get the girls and get home. The man got back into his car and sat there watching them walk away.

I informed the police as soon as they got home and told me. I have posted on social media already to warn parents so you may have already heard about it. I have also spoken with a representative at the Burnley express who will be running the story sometime this afternoon. I can’t express the importance of this information.”