Students aim to be millionaires!

Students aim to be millionaires!

Shuttleworth College students are closing in on becoming millionaires – in words at least.

Shuttleworth take part in the Accelerated Reader Programme which is used to develop students’ reading and keep track of their reading ages.

Students take frequent quizzes which calculate their reading ages and they are then directed to the relevant books they can borrow from the school library.

Mason Eardley currently leads the way as he has read 963,618 words since September with Nicole Tipping close behind, having read 760,000. Meanwhile Tyler Hayman has read a total of 28 books.

“Students keep track of the books they have read and each class competes to be top of the leaderboard, which is updated every term,” said teacher Ms Morrison. “Winning groups are rewarded with a group breakfast to celebrate their reading success as a class.”

Nicole said: “I tend to read really thick books so I haven’t read as many as others but I have read a lot of words!”

Tyler added: “I just love reading.”